How to Eat Koso Genmai, Fermented Brown Rice

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It was a full moon last night in Japan, and we could see it clearly without a cloud in the sky.

I was happy to see it, and did Shinon Kansha on the moon.

What is Shinon Kansha? Please watch this video.

I was especially happy to see the moon, since I completed my 48-hour fast just before seeing the moon.

Two posts ago, I shared with you a video on how to make Koso Genmai, fermented brown rice.

Have you tried making it?

Now, you might be wondering how you can eat Koso Genmai.

What do you mean by how to eat it? Isn’t that the same as regular brown rice or white rice?

Basically, yes, but there are certain things you want to pay attention to get the best benefit, such as how many bowls you should eat.

So, I made a new video on how to eat Koso Genmai.


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