I am Getting Hooked on Sprinting

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World Baseball Classics has begun, and Japan played against China yesterday.

I prefer WBC to the soccer world cup because Japan is one of the strongest teams, yet soccer is more exciting since it is constantly moving. Yesterday’s game wasn’t too bad, though, since Otani played both as a pitcher and a batter, and we could enjoy watching both offense and defense.

I am more familiar with baseball since I played it in elementary school, and I kind of grew up with it, while I only began playing soccer in high school.

I am not good at playing either sport, though. It is difficult to control a ball.

I am better at regular running and other movements without using a ball.

I used to be fast in long-distance running, and I am more of a long-distance running kind of guy, but now I am getting into sprinting.

It feels good to run with your full power. It makes you feel wild and alive.

It makes you feel young, too.

I have been doing SIT, sprint interval training with my son since last week, and I think I’ll continue doing it, instead of my bodyweight strength HIIT.

Three times a week is a good frequency.

We have to jog about 1 km to this hill and walk up the hill for 5 minutes before doing SIT, so it has some zone 2 training, as well.

Then on the way back, walk down the hill and jog back to the house.

Altogether, it becomes a good workout.

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