Fermented Spelt Wheat Berries and Spelt Flour Bread

I tried making fermented spelt wheat berries this time. One thing I recommend highly in Ikigai Diet, along with Natto, is fermented brown rice.

Because Natto germ and brown rice germ are the two most powerful bacteria and by having both you can create a good balance in your gut microbiota. However brown rice germ is good for Japanese people and other Asians who eat rice as staple food. For Europeans, it is better to find a germ in your staple food. Wheat germ or oats germ is probably the most powerful bacteria for the Europeans. Therefore I recommend fermented wheat berries. Since spelt wheat is ancient wheat, it is even better, I think.



I soaked spelt wheat berries with Azuki beans for about 12 hours. Then I added some salt and mixed it with spelt wheat berries and azuki beans well.


Then I pressure-cooked them.


When they are cooked, I put them in a jar rice cooker and left them there for 3 days with a warm setting.


Once a day I mixed the wheat berries to let oxygen in.



And it is ready.



I also made bread from spelt flour.



Spelt brothers.