Surpassing 300 Views: The Natto and Olive Oil Video Takes Off!

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The rice has reached its full glory!

Just a month ago, it looked like this. Time flies!

One of the perks of residing in Satoyama is witnessing the beauty of seasonal transitions right at my doorstep. Observing the rice fields flourish from young seedlings to full-grown plants adds a layer of joy to my Nordic walking routine. The rhythm of nature is truly captivating!

I’m thrilled to share that the video I uploaded this week has already amassed over 300 views! It’s a record for me to achieve such numbers in mere days.


Even my other videos, some of which have crossed the 1000 views mark, didn’t have such a meteoric rise.

On a different note, this marks my 709th blog post! That makes the next one the 710th. But why is 710 so special? The significance behind this number will be revealed in my next post. Stay tuned, and have a fantastic weekend!


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