How to Find Your Ikigai in Patagonia and Outdoor Sports

Recently one of my Ikigai is doing outdoor sports. I go Nordic walking and Satoyama cycling. I want to go mountain climbing more often and try Biwaichi, which is to cycle around Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan.

In case if you are wondering what Ikigai is, it has two meanings.

1, a daily joy that makes you feel glad you are living.

2, a life purpose or a life goal that motivates you to keep going.

Today, I am talking about Ikigai as in the first definition.

I have been going Nordic walking and Satoyama cycling for nearly 2 years, but after writing about outdoor sports in the book The Ikigai Diet, I got more interested in outdoor sports in general and want to try many of them.

Although I introduced outdoor sports as exercises for longevity, I have never been an outdoor kind of guy who goes canoeing and trekking every summer and goes skiing and snowboarding every winter. I introduced outdoor activities because they were popular among Shizenha, Japanese naturalists. I didn’t dislike these sports of course, but couldn’t be bothered to get the gears to do them. They could be pricey, you know.

That was the same with outdoor brands. I never wore Patagonia or North Face, or anything like that. I have never been into fashion either.

Then I bought a Patagonia T-shirt for the first time in my life for the photo shooting of the book cover, and I got hooked on it. I don’t know if it is the photographer or Patagonia, I look nicer than before-haha.

I ended up getting a fleece and hat, as well.

It makes me want to do outdoor sports more. If you are one of those people who need extra motivation to get out and exercise, wearing one of those brand clothing is an option. Patagonia is a Sanpo-Yoshi company so that you can work out to be healthy while contributing to the environment. Outdoor sports can be your Ikigai more easily because you are surrounded by nature and feel connected to your source.

What is Sanpo-Yoshi?


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