Entering the Age of Air

Today, I went Nordic walking at Shakunage gorge, one of my favorite spots in Hino town. As I said before I was wondering how I should spend the winter solstice this year, and now I know what to do. On the morning of the solstice, I will go Nordic walking near my house at sunrise, and on the 22nd which is the day of the Great Conjunction, I will go Nordic walking at Shakunage gorge. It is surrounded by trees and I like the energy here. I thought of going to places known as power spots such as Mt Mikami or Shirahige Shrine, but just being in the woods seems best for me. There is nobody here and I feel more connected to the natural kingdom here than going to so-called power spots that could be visited by other companies.

These broad-leaved trees represent Satoyama and Satoyama life is very much part of the Air Age.

Yes, we are supposed to enter the Age of Air after the Great Conjunction on December 22nd, 2020. The great conjunction takes place once every 20 years, and this great conjunction is significant because it takes place at Aquarius, which is an air sign. In the last 200 years, great conjunctions have been mostly occurring at earth signs, but from this year onward, it will start happening at air signs for the next 200 years. That means the Age of Earth which lasted 200 years will come to an end, and the Age of Air will begin.

Japanese astrologers say that the materialistic way of thinking and doing was valued in the Age of Earth, but spirituality will be valued in the Age of Air, and we will start living in harmony with others and the natural kingdom.

I think life in the Age of Air will be like what I described in the post below.

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