Will the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th Bring the Age of Aquarius?

I had a session with Dr. Hirai, an acupuncturist I mentioned in Chapter 14 Ikigai Exercises on Tuesday. He comes to our house once every two months to give sessions to people in our town. Our house becomes a kind of one-day clinic. Actually, my wife is a therapist, too. She gives bodywork sessions using silk touch or bio steam, and she knows a lot of people in the Japanese alternative medical field. We have visitors from all over Japan and I am privileged to gain all kinds of information.

It is February 11th in Japan, and I suppose it is the 10th in North America and Europe. We will have the new moon in Aquarius tomorrow, which is the 12th, but it will be the 11th in your time zones.

This new moon occurs at a six-planet stellium in Aquarius, which is similar to the new moon on February 4th 1962 when it occurred at a seven-planet stellium in Aquarius.

I don’t know if you know of this event in 1962, but this was the time considered to be the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Yes, the Age of Aquarius as we know it.

In the following posts, I said that nobody knew when we had entered the Age of Aquarius or when we would enter it.

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Apparently, some people believe or believed that we had entered it on February 4th, 1962. A  New Age/Gnostic philosopher Samael Aun Weor declared February 4, 1962 to be the official start of the Age of Aquarius, and it was a shared understanding among hippies in the 60s.

I have heard that it was once believed that we entered the Age of Aquarius in the 1960s, come to think of it, but I didn’t know it was 1962. I knew about the counter-culture movement back in the 60s, and how it had transformed into the NewAge movement in the 80s, but I always thought the hippie movement occurred in the late 60s, probably from the image of Woodstock in 1969.

So, I did some research on 1962. I had a special interest in this year since it was the year I was born.

Guess what I found out. Bob Dylan made his debut in 1962. Oh, now I remember about the scene in the movie The Wanderers, which I watched in the late 1970s, the main character watches the news of JFK’s assassination, and right after that he sees a girl he was in love with walks into a club where somebody is singing Times They are Changing. That means the song was already out in 1963.

It looks like the Flower Power movement began in the early 1960s and continued all the way to the late 60s and the early 70s.

In that case, it isn’t surprising that 1962 was considered to be the birth point of the Aquarian Age. The counter-culture movement was a massive movement changing our entire social structure and world view that influenced the 70s, 80s, all the way to the present. We had the NewAge movement in the 80s with the book Aquarian Conspiracy, and the cultural creatives in 2000 described in the book The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World, and both of them were influenced by the 60s movement.

What else happened in 1962?

Findhorn in Scotland was founded.

Emerson College, a college of Rudolf Steiner in England, which was another hub of sustainable and spiritual culture and lifestyle was founded.

Dartington College of Arts in England, another hub was founded.

Talking about Dartington, it is next to Totnes that is famous for transition town, and it has Schumacher College. And the founder of Schumacher College is Satish Kumar, who is famous for his peace walk of over 8,000 miles from New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London, and Washington, D.C., the capitals of the world’s earliest nuclear-armed countries.

Do you know when he began that peace walk? In 1962.

Wow, something must have been happening that year.

This was 2019 with Satish Kumar.

Does it mean something significant will come this year and the 2020s following the new moon on February 11th?

We just had great conjunction in Aquarius on December 21st, 2020, and this new moon with a six-planet stellium in Aquarius takes place in the Age of Air and the first 20 years of the Aquarian age within the Age of Air.

It is very possible that we have another massive social, cultural, and philosophical movement in the 2020s, and beyond.

Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius as we know it.

Happy new moon!



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