The Ikigai Dinner on the New Moon in Aquarius

February 11th was a special day for me. It was 10 year anniversary of my novel Hyakusho Revolution, which is a story depicting the beginning of the Aquarian Age. So I had ikigai dinner with my family to celebrate it. It was also a celebration of the new moon since the new moon was going to occur in 9 hours and it was still Thursday. Yes, this new moon occurs between Thursday and Friday, which means the day of Jupiter, and the day of Venus in Japan. Days of the week are related to the planets. Sunday, Monday(moon day), Tuesday(Mars day), Wednesday( Mercury day), Thursday(Jupiter day), Friday(Venus day), and Saturday(Saturn day). There is a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus at this new moon, you know.

This is fermented Zakkokumai. Brown rice with some native grains.

Yes, these grains I got from Tubu-Tubu Future Food store.

It has wild energy that goes very well with the Aquarian new moon.


And Natto, of course. By the way, Nagasaki University in Japan has done research recently and has discovered that Natto contains a substance that protects us from COVID 19. I’ll tell you all about it within the next few posts.


Jerusalem artichokes with spring onions.


Kinpira Gobo with Jerusalem artichokes. I used Jerusalem artichokes instead of burdocks.


Nigori Zake I had for Rishun Dinner.


Happy New Moon!

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