Taue, Rice Planting, at Terraced Rice Fields in Satoyama

On Saturday, I helped a friend plant rice at terraced rice fields near my house.


These rice fields were not used for over 30 years, and he cultivated them this year and began growing rice. He decided to do it the old way; growing organically without using machinery.


He had the whole bunch of us to help him and we finished planting all four fields before noon.


It was a good experience for my son. He has done Taue many times, but we haven’t done it in the last few years since we don’t grow rice now. It is nice to get into the rice fields now and again like this. It is one of the perfect ways of doing earthing; you get in touch with all kinds of microorganisms in the soil.


He got to play the djembe, as well. As I depicted in Chapter 14 of the Ikigai Diet book, Shizenha people like to play music during their Taue, this is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about.

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