Mountain Climbing: Japanese Bio-Hacking

After going sunrise Nordic walking, during the day, I went mountain climbing. The actual solstice time was around 12:30 in the afternoon, and I wanted to do something special at that time, too.

I made a video at the top of the mountain.


Mountain climbing is a great way of bio-harmonizing, Japanese bio-hacking. I call the Japanese style bio-hacking bio-harmonizing because it is based on ancient Japanese natural philosophy, which is tied with nature.  In bio-harmonizing, we try to optimize our health, but in a natural way. We stick to a natural process as much as possible and avoid artificial things.

Mountain climbing is one of the secrets to Japanese longevity. For example, Nagano Prefecture, the longest living prefecture in Japan today is one of the most mountainous regions in Japan, and centenarians walk in the mountains a lot. In the past, and still true in many rural parts of Japan, people climb mountains for religious rituals. Every village has a Shinto shrine, and a nearby mountain is often an object of worship.


In Hino Town, Umamioka Watamuki Shrine is the main shrine, and Mt. Watamuki is the object of worship.


Today, many people climb mountains for recreation, and it is one of the most popular outdoor activities. It is popular among Shizenha people, too. So, in a different format, we still retain our traditional healthy custom.

There are three benefits of mountain climbing.

1, Exercises

2, Shinrinyoku, forest bathing

3, Being at an elevated place, and it is good to meditate on top of a mountain.

You can’t make it your daily exercise, but you can do that occasionally such as once a month or once every two months. You don’t need to do hardcore mountain climbing, just easy comfortable walking is enough. Longevity exercises are not endurance training, too much stress can give you a negative effect, the idea is moderate stress.

If there aren’t mountains nearby, hills are okay, or forests. The idea is to be out in nature regularly so that you can stay in tune with the natural kingdom.


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