Bio-Harmonizing on Summer Solstice

I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning since it was a summer solstice.


I went Nordic walking as usual. It feels great to go walking before sunrise.

I did my Shinon Kansha meditation, appreciating the favors gods have given me.


Giving gratitude to gods facing Mt Watamuki, which is a god of our town. In Japan, a mountain is often an object of worship connected to the main Shinto shrine of the community, in Hino Town, Mt. Watamuki is the one.


When I came back home, the sun rose. Well, the sun was already rising but couldn’t see it behind the mountain.

Looking at sunrise is a great way to bio-harmonize. You want to do that on days like solstices or equinoxes, but in general, it is good to absorb the morning sunshine. If you can’t get up before sunrise, it doesn’t matter, you can still look at the morning sun and do Shinon Kansha meditation.

Happy summer solstice!


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