24 Hours Fasting

On the summer solstice day, I also did 24 hours fasting for the first time. I finished eating at 8 pm on Sunday night and didn’t eat till 8 pm on Monday, so I didn’t eat for 24 hours. I have skipped breakfast and lunch before, but usually, that becomes 23 hours fast or 22 hours fast depending on what time you have dinner. To do a full 24 hours fast you need to have dinner a little later than the previous night.

That means I climbed the mountain during my fast. Please don’t do that. It is a crazy act.

I am a lot different from most people, I can bear things more easily than others. Well, it was 4, 25 km to the top and 790 m uphill, so it wasn’t that hard, although I climbed it in 1 hour and 40 minutes, while it usually takes 2 and half hours. I was in a hurry, I had to come back by 4 pm.

Anyway, it wasn’t regular fasting. In some ways, it was good that I climbed the mountain so that I didn’t think about my hunger. It was almost like doing 100 sets of HIIT, and all I wanted was to rest, but never had the urge to eat anything.

Also, I was getting used to doing fasting as I had been doing 17 hours fast most days and had done vegetable only lunch on Wednesdays. This gradual shift is good. Do Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting of 16 hours fast for the first three months. Then for the second three months, you can do 17 hours fast with one day of carb and protein fast for 22 or 23 hours. For the third three months, you continue with 17 hours fast with one day 24 hours fast. Make sure that you take a break on the weekend as it is a Hare period and mTOR activating days.

What are mTOR activating days? Watch this.


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