Shindofuji: Japanese Bio-Hacking

Shindofuji is another concept in bio-harmonizing, Japanese bio-hacking. It was originally a concept in Zen Shojin Diet and now has become part of the Japanese natural food movement.

It means eating locally and seasonally, but it is more than that. Your body and the soil are connected as one. Your body is made of the land you live in. You eat the food grown on your land which was helped by millions of microorganisms in the soil, water streaming from the local mountains. Your body is in harmonic balance with the local environment.

When you think about that, what do you think will happen if you eat food coming from miles away grown in a completely different climate and landscape? What does it do to this harmonic balance you have with the local soil?

You are not a machine. It isn’t like hacking your computer. Bio means living things and to bio-harmonize yourself you need to understand that you are not a single entity, you are connected to the local soil, air, water, and bacteria.

I suggest that 70% of your food source is local. It is almost impossible to make everything local now so 70% is okay. Again, you don’t want to be too hard on yourself.

Eat food in season, too. It also means don’t eat tropical fruit if you don’t live in a tropical area because it is like eating fruit from a different season.

It applies to bacteria, too. One of the benefits of making fermented food at home is that you can use local bacteria for fermentation. That is why I make Natto myself.

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Probiotics sold on the internet are okay but they are probably not made from locally grown ingredients. That is another reason I am not so keen on taking supplements.

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By eating local food you can also support local agriculture, which can help your local economy thrive. Relocalization is the key to sustainability, and if you want to live long, the planet needs to be able to keep producing foods. Bio-harmonizing means harmonizing yourself with the planet earth, and planetary health is as important as personal wellbeing. These two are not separate just like the body and soil are connected as in Shindofuji. This holistic perspective is critical in the field of longevity and wellness.

I shared with you Shinrinyoku and mountain climbing as methods of Japanese bio-hacking, and by doing them locally, you can further build bound with your local environment. So visiting a local forest or mountain regularly is even better when you do them.


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