Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie and a Japanese Thanksgiving Day Miracle

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We don’t have a thanksgiving festival like North America, but we have thanksgiving day on November 3rd and it is a national holiday. We don’t do anything special like having a thanksgiving dinner or family get-together, it is just a public holiday and it is just one day.

Nevertheless, I like to celebrate it as it is always good to have an occasion to celebrate something for your mentality. Thanksgiving day is a perfect occasion to do Ima Iwai, celebrating what you have right here right now. In our case, we could also celebrate the harvest of sweet potatoes and pumpkins in the garden.

Jugoya: Full Moon Viewing and Ima Iwai

So, I made a shepherd’s pie using just sweet potatoes.

I also made a pumpkin pie.

This time, I covered the top with a pie, too.

At 10 pm, a World Cup soccer match Japan vs. Germany started.

Nobody thought we had a chance to win against Germany and it was too bad to be in the group with Germany and Spain, two favorites, in the first place.

However, once the game started, Japan wasn’t playing badly at all. They created a big chance within the first 10 minutes. It was off-side, unfortunately. Although we gave one score to Germany, it was a PK score and it wasn’t like our defense structure was destroyed.

In the second half, we equalized it and later scored a goal again. Both of them were good goals, constructing a good offense structure.

It was the best thanksgiving ever.

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