Jugoya: Full Moon Viewing and Ima Iwai


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It is a full moon tonight, and in Japan, it is Jugoya, which is a special moon-viewing night. On August 15th in the lunar calendar, we celebrate Jugoya and it is September 10th in the Gregorian calendar this year.

Jugoya is held around harvest time, and it is a time to celebrate our prosperity. In Ikigai Bio-Hacking, I introduced Ima Iwai, which is a celebration of the here and now. You celebrate what you have and what you feel grateful for. It is an extension of Shinon Kansha meditation, but this time you are not just appreciating the here and now, you are rejoicing it with a drink.

I recommended that you do Ima Iwai on every full moon, but this full moon during the harvest season is especially appropriate to do it.

I celebrated all the great things happening in my life. First, I celebrated this beautiful full moon. I was so happy to be able to see it so clearly. I appreciated that I lived in the countryside and was able to go Nordic walking along rice paddies. I appreciated that I had a garden to grow vegetables. I appreciated that I had a flexible work schedule to fill all my biohacking activities in my daily routine and many more.

In Japan, we decorate Japanese pampas grass because it looks like rice, and in the past, rice was not harvested yet at this time, so we used it instead. And we offer Dango to the moon. It is called Tsukimi Dango. Tsukimi means moon viewing. After offering it to the moon, we eat it.

It is very blessing to absorb the moonlight on this night, so we take some things we want to be blessed with outside, as well.

I took out my two books, and a new computer I just got. I will be using it a lot to write blogs and make YouTube videos, so it is a significant item to carry out my mission.

Jugoya in 2022 is a regeneration period, just like autophagy. Old cells die and new cells are born. The old order ends and a new era begins.

As you can see, many things are happening symbolically, and unconsciously I have been preparing for it. I spent the entire summer migrating my websites and renewing them, throwing away a lot of data that I no longer use. I changed my computers. And for some reason, my wife spent the last few weeks cleaning up our house. I mean doing a spring cleaning of the entire house.

I feel new and fresh, ready to act, to create a new world.


Happy full moon.


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