I think Tai chi or Qigong Movement is Similar to Beginning Movement Load Training

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In the last post, I shared this video with you.



In the video, I talked about Ichiro Suzuki’s strength training method, BMLT, Beginning Movement Load training.

Strength training with natural movement, relaxing your muscles, and bending your joints. Unlike regular weight training, you don’t stay still and tense up your muscles when you lift weights. Your arms or legs are mobile and flexible when you lift weights. Also, you don’t lift heavy weights; you lift lighter weights.

You need special equipment to do BMLT. There are gyms designed to do BMLT.

What about if you don’t have access to those gyms?

Can you not do it by yourself at home?

Well, I don’t know about BMLT, but applying the concept behind it in your daily exercises may be possible.

As I said in the video, I have never done BMLT, and I have never used BMLT machines. So, I don’t know much about it.

This is just my observation from watching some videos of people doing BMLT, including Ichiro.



It looks like he is stretching and lifting weights at the same time, and his joints are constantly moving in all directions.

I thought I could do some of these movements without using the machine. You just move your arms or legs in all directions, and if you want to apply pressure, you can imagine that you are lifting weights. It automatically tenses up your muscles.

If we think about our objectives for longevity fitness, we don’t need to build up our muscles so much, but we want the flexibility and mobility of our body parts, such as the neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, waist, legs,  knees, and ankles.

The flexibility and mobility of the body parts prevent us from falling and injuries. They help us walk on flat land, walk up and down the stairs, and do yard work.

But then, I realized all we need to do is do some Tai chi or Qigong exercises.



This exercise, for example, has a lot of movements to make your body parts mobile and flexible.

In that sense, Tai chi or Qigong exercises are similar to BMLT.

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