Prolonged Fast Twice a Week vs. Intermittent Fast Five Days a Week

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Yesterday, I did 100 meters sprint with my son. At my son’s elementary school, there was a 100-meter race track, and we even timed ourselves.

The park we usually do our SIT is about 50 meters long, so running 100 meters is twice as long.

It is long. After 70 meters, I lose my intensity, and my running speed decreases tremendously.

And my legs get sore.

Anyway, last week, I tried a new fasting routine. Doing 40 hours fasting from Sunday dinner to Tuesday lunch, eating three meals on Wednesday and Thursday, and doing 24 hours fasting from Thursday dinner to Friday dinner. The weekend was the same as before, having three meals. So, doing prolonged fasting twice a week.

It is said that prolonged fasting, fasting over 24 hours, has more longevity benefits, but if you do it too frequently, you will have nutrition deficiency, so I am not a believer in a method like OMAD, one meal a day. I had been doing prolonged fasting only once a week, and the rest was regular intermittent fasting, which has been 17 hours fasting for me.

But this time, I increased the frequency a little bit. To compensate, I ate three meals on other days.

It was okay. I didn’t mind doing it. In some ways, it was easier because all I had to do was bear those three days(including Tuesday morning).

On the other hand, it was harder because the length of fasting was much longer. It was especially difficult on Friday. I am used to doing prolonged fasting on Monday, but Friday was new to me. The good thing about 17 hours fasting is that you can have lunch. All you have to do is to bear the morning.

I like the rhythm of the new system, though. Alternation of two days regular eating and one day long fast. From the viewpoint of early time-restricted feeding, it is good to have breakfast more frequently, like this pattern. Especially when I am doing more strenuous exercises now. Doing sprints a lot requires more protein intake.

What happens to the rhythm of Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting?

What is Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting? Watch this video.



That is a good point. Now Hare comes twice a week. The weekend and the middle of the week, while it is usually once a week in regular Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting.

Yet, Wednesday and Thursday are not completely Hare because I stay on a plant-based diet plus alcohol-free. The weekend is a truly relaxing time when I can drink. In that sense, during the week is still Ke period, and the weekend is Hare period, the same as before.

I will do it again this week to see how it is.

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