The Top 10 Longest Lived Prefectures in Japan

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Did you catch the video I uploaded last week about Okinawa?


In the video, I mentioned the national longevity rankings and how Okinawa hasn’t been ranked high since the 1980s. This ranking is called the Average Life Expectancy Ranking by Prefectures, and it is conducted every five years by The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.

In recent years, it has been conducted in 2010, 2015, and 2020, but the result of the 2020 ranking wasn’t released until the end of 2022, and I didn’t know about it until last week.

So, when I made videos about Nagano and Shiga, it was based on the rankings in 2010 and 2015.


In 2010, the result was the following.

1. Nagano
2. Shiga
3. Fukui
4. Kumamoto
5. Kanagawa
6. Kyoto
7. Nara
8. Oita
9. Yamagata
10. Shizuoka

1. Nagano
2. Shimane
3. Okinawa
4. Kumamoto
5. Niigata
6. Hiroshima
7. Fukui
8. Okayama
9. Oita
10. Toyama

In 2015,

1. Shiga
2. Nagano
3. Kyoto
4. Nara
5. Kanagawa
6. Fukui
7. Kumamoto
8. Aichi
9. Hiroshima
9. Oita

1. Nagano
2. Okayama
3. Shimane
4. Shiga
5. Fukui
6. Kumamoto
7. Okinawa
8. Toyama
9. Kyoto
10. Hiroshima

In 2015, Shiga took the lead for men, but Nagano remained ahead overall due to the first-place ranking for women.

I am curious about this latest result in 2020(the next one will be conducted in 2025, and the result won’t be released until 2027).

I wonder what will happen to the race of Nagano vs. Shiga in 2020.

Here is the result.


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