The Secret Behind Shiga Becoming the longest Lived Prefecture in Japan

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In the most recent ranking of average life expectancy by prefectures, Shiga has achieved an incredible milestone. Securing the top spot for men and an impressive second place for women, Shiga has truly ascended to the summit among all prefectures. This accomplishment marks a significant step in solidifying our position as a leading Japanese blue zone, surpassing even Nagano.

In many ways, our achievement can be likened to Finland’s ascent in the global happiness ranking, outshining Denmark.

Back in 2017, Shiga garnered recognition as a longevity hub when the 2015 ranking of average life expectancy by prefectures was unveiled. Yet, we still had to acknowledge Nagano as the reigning king. However, this time around, we can proudly declare that we hold the title of the longest-lived.

It’s unfortunate that this remarkable accomplishment remains largely unknown beyond the borders of Japan. To most, Okinawa still stands as the epitome of longevity zones, based on information dating back to the 1980s.

Additionally, some of the factors often attributed to the longevity keys in the blue zones might be slightly idealized, suggesting that traditional lifestyles held all the answers. In reality, the efforts of regional governments have also played a significant role.

For a true understanding of what contributes to longer lives in practical terms, today’s video offers valuable insights. It might lack the exotic allure or dramatic appeal, but it delves into the current reality and unveils the genuine factors at play.


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