Future Centenarians and Modern Moai: Mutual Aid in Future Blue Zones

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In Dan Burttner’s Netflix documentary series Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones., Eo1 Journey Begins, he introduces a mutual aid group in Okinawa called Moai.

They aren’t exactly the same as Moai, but there are similar types of mutual aid groups in most Japanese countryside, and they are called neighborhood associations. Each neighborhood association operates differently from place to place, so I can only speak of neighborhood associations in my town. They don’t pull money together to support one another financially, but they help one another in many ways, such as conducting funerals. The neighborhood associations organize many events, such as seasonal festivals, sports festivals, and other social gatherings, which provide a space of communication for seniors, and the communication becomes their ikigai.

However, there is a lot of work to organize these events, and it has been a burden for younger generations. Also, the way the neighborhood associations are governed isn’t democratic, and many young people leave the community due to their old culture.

For details, please watch this video.


However, Shizenha people, who are considered to be future centenarians because they lead the traditional Japanese lifestyle centenarians led, are changing the Japanese countryside. They are crafting a new type of neighborhood association.

That is what today’s video is about.


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