The Truth about the Traditional Japanese Lifestyle as the Longevity Secret

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In Japan, this is an extended weekend due to Respect for the Aged Day on Monday. Does your country have a similar holiday? This is yet another aspect of Japanese longevity – our profound respect for the elderly. In our culture, aging is associated with wisdom, and growing older is celebrated rather than feared.


However, it’s important to acknowledge that this attitude is evolving. Sadly, some individuals, like Yale professor Yusuke Narita, have made disrespectful remarks about seniors, suggesting mass suicide among the elderly. Such sentiments are a stark departure from our traditional values.


Nonetheless, Asian cultures, influenced by Confucianism, generally hold deep respect for the elderly. It’s fascinating to note that other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Singapore are also experiencing increased longevity.


Speaking of Singapore, did you catch my recent video?


Both Shiga and Singapore offer glimpses into the future of longevity. To plan for our own longevity, it’s crucial to comprehend the current situation objectively, without romanticizing the past or underestimating it.


Today’s video addresses precisely that topic: Is the traditional Japanese lifestyle practiced by seniors the secret to longevity, or that very culture is suppressing the future of longevity?


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