Blue Zones Project vs. Ikigai Bio Hacking Community

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Are You Familiar with the Blue Zones Project?

The Blue Zones Project recently gained attention in the documentary series “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones” (Episode 4: The Future of Longevity). Essentially, it’s an initiative aimed at transforming municipalities and communities into blue zones, areas known for the long and healthy lives of their inhabitants.

Blue Zones Project®

This concept is truly inspiring. Imagine turning your entire community into a haven for longevity. It could significantly boost your health and lifespan without the need for strenuous individual efforts. The environment itself would foster wellness.

However, the challenge for the average person lies in their limited influence over community decisions. Engaging the municipality in such an endeavor is not a straightforward task.

Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve been involved in negotiations with the Board of Education and the local municipality to introduce organic school lunches in our town’s elementary and junior high schools. After nearly a decade, we are finally seeing progress as one elementary school plans to implement this change in the upcoming fall. It’s a long journey just to get started.

Transforming your community involves changing the perspectives of many others. While you have complete control over your own health, a municipality requires convincing numerous stakeholders. Initially, it’s a lengthy process to make them understand your ideas. Even when they do, it doesn’t guarantee implementation. They must consider the wider community, and not everyone may support your proposals. Some local businesses may even feel threatened. Despite widespread approval, budget allocation may favor other priorities.

Changing yourself is comparatively easier. You always have the power to initiate change within. It’s like Gandhi’s wise words, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”

Once you’ve altered your own habits and mindset, you can begin to influence those around you, such as family and friends. Start small; it’s a simpler task than reshaping an entire community. In fact, you can embark on this journey even before fully transforming yourself, as others can support and motivate your transformation. You can evolve together. And how can you do it? That’s where the Ikigai Bio-Hacking community comes in. Discover more in today’s video.


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