Savoring the Autumn Season with Circannual Rhythm

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I trust you had a wonderfully delightful weekend, fully immersing yourself in the season.

If you had the opportunity to listen to the podcast, I’d be eager to hear your thoughts on it. If you haven’t had a chance yet, here is the link.

Speaking of embracing the season, this weekend brought a delightful culinary adventure into my life – making Christmas pudding. To my surprise, I decided to use a pressure cooker for the very first time to steam the dried fruit mixture. At the outset, I was uncertain about this method, considering the traditional recipe called for a lengthy six-hour steaming process. But then, I recalled my experiences with natto making, where similar techniques are applied, and the notion of pressure steaming seemed entirely plausible. A quick online check confirmed its feasibility. The best part? The steaming time was dramatically reduced to a mere two hours, a significant time-saving compared to the traditional method.

Since my revisit to Britain in 2019, making Christmas pudding has become an adored October tradition. It’s my way of paying homage to English culture and eagerly anticipating the joy of savoring it during the Christmas season. For now, my pudding is safely stored in the fridge, but once December arrives, I’ll move it to a Kura, a traditional Japanese warehouse, where the temperature is perfectly low for its preservation.

This entire undertaking is intrinsically tied to the changing seasons. The gradual drop in temperature is palpable during my morning jog and Nordic walk. The shifting sunlight is equally noticeable. I heartily recommend outdoor workouts; they effectively synchronize you with the circannual rhythm. If you’re new to the concept of circannual rhythms, you can delve deeper in my video:


In that video, I explore how indulging in seasonal fruit may align us with the circannual rhythm. But when it comes to supplements, what’s their impact on our circannual rhythm? This topic is the focus of my most recent video:


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