I Think I Will be able to Make Natto from My Soybeans This Year

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Soybeans in my garden are reaching the perfect dryness, indicating that the harvest is just around the corner.

This year, they’ve turned out nicely.

I’m thrilled to discover that there are beans inside, a delightful contrast to last year when the pods were empty. Although they’re a bit smaller in size, these beans are ideal for making natto.

This marks a special occasion as it’s been almost a decade since I could create natto from soybeans grown right in my garden. My attempts at growing soy in Shiga were met with failure a few times, leading to a temporary hiatus. Last year, I decided to give it another shot, and in the second year of trying, my efforts have borne fruit.

Here are the videos I have uploaded since the last post. Please enjoy watching them.





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