Japanese culture

City Holiday in Osaka

Occasionally, I like to go to Kyoto or Osaka to get a feeling of city life. Although I promote country life and I prefer living in the countryside, it is refreshing to be in cities from time to time.

Satoyama Experience Holiday for Junior High School Students

A lot of young people don’t learn how to cook at home and they don’t eat a lot of Japanese dishes in many households these days, especially in cities. Therefore learning how to cook Japanese dishes can be a Satoyama experience now.

Golden Week and Satoyama Holiday

We don’t usually go anywhere during the golden week because it is crowded everywhere and we can relax a lot more staying here. That is a treasure of living in Satoyama; every day is a holiday. We can go Satoyama walking, Satoyama cycling, and have a Satoyama picnic.

Does Reiwa Have a Positive Meaning or a Negative Meaning?

A lot of people around me don’t seem to be happy with the name judging from Facebook comments. If we interpret rei as commands or order, it sounds militaristic like harmony is ordered by the government. Considering the philosophy of our prime minister Abe, it isn’t surprising that he wanted to imply it in the name.