Top 10 Healthiest Foods in 2019 Doctors Have Selected in Japan

In January this year, there was a TV program in Japan where they held an election of the top 10 healthiest foods. 300 Japanese doctors were invited to take part in this election.

Japan is considered to be one of the healthiest countries in the world, and I think it is a lot to do with our traditional diet which was influenced by Japanese natural philosophies where many of the martial arts and oriental medical practices such as Shiatsu and acupuncture are based on. However, recently many doctors who practice Western medicine began speaking out on this topic and intestines are thought to be crucial in our well-being. So what do these Japanese modern medical practitioners have to say about our diet?

Number 10 Apples


Number 9 Kimuchi


Number 8 Avocados


Number 7 Tomatoes


Number 6 broccoli


Number 5 vinegar


Number 4 Tofu


Number 3 Yogurt


Number 2 Blue-skin fish; such as whitebait, anchovies, and sardines


Some of them are similar to the list of top ten healthiest foods or top ten superfoods in other countries. I have seen apples, avocados, and broccoli on some of these lists before.


Well, the question is what was selected as number 1.


Number 1 Natto



Wow, this is surprising. Natto, which I regard to be the king of food, was chosen to be number one. I was not wrong after all.