What’s Wrong with Avocados?

Avocados were ranked number 8 at the Top 10 Healthiest Foods Election which was held on a Japanese TV program with 300 doctors. While I agree that avocados are good for us, I wouldn’t rank them number 8 or anywhere in the top 10.


That is what I am going to talk about today, so stick around.



Hi, my name is Sachiaki Takamiya. I am in my late 50s but haven’t had any problems at my yearly checkups so far. I am the founder of Ikigai Diet. Ikigai Diet is a diet and an integrated lifestyle that will help you stay young and healthy so that you can enjoy your 100-year-life. It is based on the traditional Japanese diet and the modern understanding of health and wellness.

Avocados are considered to be one of the superfoods, and some say they are the healthiest. In the Top 10 Healthiest Foods Election, they selected avocados to be number 8 because avocados contain a lot of vitamin E, and antioxidants which work in the liver, they also detoxicate toxic substances which you get from drinking and smoking.

I don’t deny their health benefits, yes, I agree that avocados are one of the best superfoods.

Nevertheless, from the Ikigai Diet’s perspective, avocadoes are not recommended if you live in Japan, and since the Top 10 Healthiest Foods Election was held for Japanese people, I wouldn’t put avocados in the best 10.

Why aren’t they good for Japanese people?


99% of avocados sold in Japan are imported, and therefore it isn’t Shindofuji to consume avocados regularly.

What is Shindofuji?

Shindofuji is a concept which is shared among Japanese natural philosophies including macrobiotics, that it is better to eat foods which are locally grown and in season.

The Ikigai Diet values this concept because it is better in terms of food miles, and also it is more suitable for us to eat locally grown vegetables which contain local bacteria.

If you want to know more about Shindfuji, watch this.



It applies to other countries where avocados are not grown so much. There are many other superfoods out there, you can always find beneficial foods which are grown within your bioregion.

Having said that I am not against avocados. It is okay to include avocados in your meal from time to time. Some dishes go very well with avocados, and you want to enjoy those dishes, too, as long as you don’t make them to be part of your regular diet.