How to Eat Carbs without Increasing Your Blood Sugar Level

In the last post, I introduced a low carb diet by a Japanese doctor called Zenji Makita who has written a bestseller book called Isha Ga Oshieru Shokujijutsu, A Diet Recommended by a Doctor.

He basically thinks we should avoid carbohydrates as much as possible, but sugar is the one we should be careful with not carbs themselves. We should avoid soft drinks the most, sweets with white sugar are the next, fruit is the third, white rice, white bread white noodles are the fourth, and brown rice and wholewheat bread are the last things to avoid. That means we don’t need to worry too much about eating brown rice and wholewheat bread.

Nevertheless, he still thinks we should limit the amount of eating them since they are carbs which will eventually break down to sugar.

Having said that, he also said there were ways to absorb carbohydrates without increasing your blood sugar level.

1. Do some exercises right after your meals:

You can go for a walk after eating rice or bread for example. He said it would mitigate the elevation of your blood sugar level.

2. Having extra virgin olive oil with your rice or bread:

Olive oil would slow down the process of your blood sugar level going up.

3. Eating vegetables and protein-based food before eating carbs:

He says the order of the food you eat affects the elevation of your blood sugar level. First, we should eat vegetables, then meat, fish, or beans, and finally rice or bread. In this way, your blood sugar level doesn’t increase so quickly even if you eat carbs.

So we can eat brown rice and wholewheat bread as long as we are careful about how to eat them.

I am kind of relieved to hear that. And yet, do we really need to be careful when we eat brown rice? I mean we are talking about brown rice which is the king of food according to the macrobiotic diet, and it is considered to be the most balanced food. This concept is based on Japanese natural philosophies which have a long history, but this trend of low carb diets is relatively new. If carbs are not good for us, why have we been growing rice throughout Japan for such a long time?

Well, that is a discussion for the next post. Low Carb Diets VS. Brown Rice.