Fermented Wheat Berries

In Ikigai Diet, we recommend fermented brown rice since it is fermented and whole grain high in dietary fiber. While rice is available in most parts of the world nowadays, it isn’t a staple food in most European countries.

Isn’t there an alternative in the West?

Oats are one, and you can have oatmeal every morning. How about wheat? The wheat definitely is one of the most common staple foods in Europe, but the problem is, in most cases, it is consumed in a form of flour, which is made into bread or pasta.


From the point of view of ICHI BUTSU ZENTAI SHOKU, eating food as a whole, it is better to eat the grain in its original form.


Recently, I obtained organically grown wheat berries and tried making fermented wheat berries in the same way I make fermented brown rice.



Soaking wheat berries in water with black beans for about 12 hours. Cooking the soaked wheat berries in the rice cooker, and leaving them with a warm setting for 3 days. Here they are, they are fermented.



The color is darker than fermented brown rice, but they look almost the same.



It fits perfectly on the spot of fermented brown rice.



It goes well with natto.



It goes well with Takuwan pickle.



It even goes well with a raw egg. This is a popular way of eating rice in Japan; mixing it with a raw egg and soy sauce.

To find out more about fermented brown rice, watch this video.