SDGs Workshop in Hino, Shiga, Japan

I took part in a workshop of SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals at a cafe called da-na in Hino today.


I thought it was a good way to introduce the problems of the world which are all tied together to the people in general public, especially for people who are into business since it includes the concept of economic growth. Sustainability, social justice, and economic development don’t contradict one another; they can work together.


In many ways it is similar to Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, a philosophy I am promoting. Well, since ZENWSP is based on the philosophy of Omi-merchants, Sanpo-Yoshi, it isn’t surprising to have the similarity.


Sanpo-Yoshi means three-way satisfaction. When you conduct a business, you make sure that the seller will be happy, the buyer will be happy, and the society in general will be happy through your business.


We call it,


Urite-Yoshi, the seller is happy

Kaite-Yoshi, the buyer is happy

Seken-Yoshi, society is happy


In today’s world, Seken-Yoshi means sustainability and social justice.


Therefore, in ZENWSP, if you strive to be prosperous, you’ll automatically work toward environmental happiness and social happiness.



The Ikigai Diet is similar. The goal isn’t to be successful, it is to be healthy, but by striving to achieve your health, you are automatically helping people around you be healthy by influencing them with your diet and lifestyle, and helping to create a sustainable environment by promoting organic farming and economic localization.


Many people are interested in health now, especially people over 50, it is one of the most vital issues for them in the age of 100-year-life.


It is a good way in.


All you need to do is to care about your health. Through practicing the Ikigai Diet, you will contribute to solving many of the world problems: You’ll be reducing consumption of meat, sweets, snacks, fast food, processed food, and antibiotics. This alone will solve many problems. You’ll be happy, too, and be enlightened because you will be living in accordance with your Ikigai, the life-mission.


It is a win-win-system.