How to Lead a Long and Healthy Life Starting in Your 50s: Things to Do

How to lead a long and healthy life starting in your 50s. Now how can you improve your lifestyle to lead a healthy long life? What areas do you need to change? Is it your diet, exercises, or your mindset? That is what I am going to talk about today, so stick around.

This article series is a rewritten version of the series I have already written in my other blog Omi-merchant’s way of Sustainable Prosperity. I am adding some new features here since my knowledge is upgrading day by day.

So what areas do you need to work on? It is pretty much the same as things that affect your brain health.


1, diet

Diet definitely is the most important factor to determine your health. What kind of food you eat and how you eat. According to Dr. Shouji Kondo, who conducted research on longevity after traveling to 990 towns and villages throughout Japan to see which areas have high life expectancies and which areas don’t, diet is the most influential factor to determine our longevity.


2, exercises or physical activities

Exercises are crucial, too. You need to exercise regularly to maintain your physical condition. There are different forms of exercise and you want to learn what exercises or bodyworks have holistic effects in your body.


3, environment

Where you live affects your health, too. Your environment determines the kinds of things you can do which are good for your health.


4, relationship

How you relate to your family and friends are vital for your mental state and your relationship is probably the most critical element to determine your happiness.


5, mental state

How you think and how you feel play a big role in determining your health. It is often the case that people with strict diet end up worse than before because they feel negatively when they don’t meet their standard.


6, Ikigai

Having a purpose in your life makes you live longer according to the research done about Blue Zones where people live the longest in the world. Ikigai relates to your work, too, and if you want to continue working until 80, you want to choose a work that matches your Ikigai.


7, spirituality

It is so much easier to find Ikigai if you are spiritual. Whatever the spiritual belief you have, you are more likely to have a goal in your life than people who don’t believe in anything. Especially as we grow old, we want to think about not only how we spend the rest of our life but also what happens after that. Depending on that, things you want to accomplish at the final period of your life changes.


I am going to talk about each factor one by one.