Meeting a God of Longevity on Summer Solstice

Yesterday, my son and I were going to Mt. Mikami, which was famous as a power spot for summer solstice to do Ima Iwai, but we changed our plan to go to Taro bo, instead, because of the rain on Friday. The trail at Mt. Mikami may have been too slippery for my son.



Taro bo, on the other hand, had just steps to go up and it was another well-known power spot.

As I climbed the steps I did Ima Iwai or what I also call past successful experience meditation.

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Especially I appreciated that I was given an opportunity to go to England and give a workshop on Ikigai Diet.



There are several shrines on the way.



We managed to climb to the top.



As we began descending, we saw a god of longevity. What a surprise!