Natural Farming by Yoshikazu Kawaguchi

I have finished voting for the upper house election, and now I am ready to go to England.


I am so excited about it.


I’ll be back there after 30 years, and this time I am very different from the time I was there in my 20s.


I am much older-haha, but also I have lived in the Japanese countryside in the last 10 years, and am familiar with Japanese sustainable lifestyle.


It will be interesting to go to Totnes and Dartington Devon to see the sustainable culture there now. I can compare many things between Japan and England.


I’ll be introducing a sustainable movement in Japan on the 25th.


One thing I am going to talk about is Kawaguchi style natural farming.


There is a good video about it.

Sustainable agriculture “Natural Farming” Yoshikazu Kawaguchi