A Biodynamic Farm and Well-being Centre

The last day of our stay in Totnes, we did some souvenir shopping. I was looking for a book for my niece in law who studies English. When I saw some magazines, I thought a magazine could be good, but some of them were rather difficult for her. Among them, there was a magazine called Devonlife and that caught my attention. This may be good for my book research. It probably gives more idea of what life in Devon is like. So I bought it for myself.

I didn’t get around to reading it until yesterday. To get a general idea I skimmed through the pages and stopped at some articles to read the first few lines.

One of them said Damson and Daffodil the Shetland cows are mooing for their morning snack. That sounds familiar I thought. I have heard those names recently. When I continued reading it, it said it’s a snapshot of daily life, here at the Apricot Centre on Huxhams Cross Farm.



Oh my goodness, it is about the Apricot Centre, Mark and Marina’s farm. When I looked at the photos, there were many people I knew.

There were some synchronistic incidents happened on this trip such as bumping into Satish Kumar when I walked into Schumacher College( he is often away) and meeting my Emerson College senior at my talk. And now this magazine article. Wow! It looks like this trip does have some meanings for me.