How is the New Edition Different from the First Edition?

The second edition of the Ikigai Diet will be out on September 22nd.

This is the print on demand paperback version. The kindle version will be published at the same time.

Some of you have read the first edition, which is the kindle version I published in 2018.

So, how are the two different?

1, The first edition has 34 pages, while the second edition has 112 pages.

In order to publish a paperback, we need at least 100 pages, and I had to expand the original version.

2, The second edition is more holistic.

I added a lot of things such as exercises and mentality to make it a more comprehensive book. The original version just dealt with diet, but the new edition deals with diet, exercises, mindset, lifestyle, and how to find your Ikigai. It is much more holistic.

3, Adding 2 years of my experience and research

I wrote the first one in 2018, but I have gained much more insight in the last two years, and I managed to incorporate all my research and experience into the new book.  For example, it includes the research I did in England last summer. I have more ideas about the diet appropriate for Europeans than before. I referenced many books published in Japan by doctors and researchers on health and longevity. They are top class experts in Japan but their books are not published in English, and this book is probably the only one you can read about them in English.

The first edition will continue to be available and it is good for people who would like a quick read, but if you can spare time, I recommend the second edition which will be out on September 22nd.

The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

POD Paperback

Kindle New Edition