Ikigai is the Key Factor of Their Long Life Among Centenarians

According to a Japanese book called Hyakujusha No Kenko No Himitsu Ga Wakatta, Centenarians’ Secret to Health, Ikigai is the most important factor of longevity. The book was written by NHK’s TV crew who had made the TV program on the same theme. They interviewed over 60 centenarians all over the world, and came to that conclusion.

It is surprising to heat that because I didn’t think Ikigai was the most important factor when I first wrote the Ikigai Diet. I thought it was one of the factors, but not the biggest one. I thought diet played a bigger role.

Dr. Shoji Kondo, the author of  Nihon No Chojumura Tanmeimura, Long-lived Villages and Short-lived Villages in Japan, thinks diet is the paramount factor of longevity, too.

In that case, which is more significant Ikigai or diet?

That is something I will discuss in the next post.

The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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