The Organic School Lunch Movement in Japan

I attended a zoom event to promote organic school lunches yesterday. Organic school lunches are catching the attention of many people in Japan now. Although we generally have good school lunches ( having the format of Ichiju Sansai and well-balanced), ingredients aren’t organic, and there is a lot of room for improvement.

The conference was held in Tokyo but people from all over Japan participated in it by zoom. There were talks given by leading figures in the organic school lunch movement, and presentations given by some local communities that have already started an organic school lunch.

In our town, too, the Local Network Hino is trying to change our school lunch to organic, and a group of us attended the event together.

There were many splendid speakers at the event, and one of them was Mika Tsutsumi, who was also one of the guest speakers at the World Localization Day. She talked about the food industry in the United States; how they are targetting children and school lunches. They spend millions of dollars on eye-catching advertisements to entice children, so that we also need to take massive action to protect our children, but not in the same way, acting small and local is the key.

In the last chapter of the Ikigai Diet, I wrote that the Ikigai Diet is a movement to create a Sanpo-Yoshi society, a society where everyone is happy. One great thing about the diet is that it is effective because it is also a small and local grassroots movement, as well as being an easy action.

You don’t need to go out on the street to protest or put you on a strict diet; all you need to do is have fun with your life.

Yes, it is a fun diet. By enjoying your meals, you’ll be happy, your family and friends will be happy, and society will be happy. It is infectious because you are in tune with good bacteria such as natto germ. It is much more powerful than all the advertisements by the food conglomerates.

The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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