Natto Recipe: How to Make Okra Natto

Natto was recognized as the number one food in a vote of the top 1o healthiest foods, determined by 300 doctors in Japan in January 2019.

Yes, it is the king of superfoods.

There are many Natto recipes, and you can enjoy Natto in all kinds of dishes. Today, I will share with you a Natto recipe of making Okra Natto. Okra is also sticky and it goes very well with Natto’s stickiness.

These are Okras.


First, you slice Okras into small pieces.


Next, you steam Okras.


Put the lid on and steam them for 1 minute.


When they are steamed, you put them in a bowl.


Then, you add Natto.


You add sesame seeds and soy sauce.


And mix them all together.


That’s it.


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