Natto Recipe: Natto Spaghetti

Since Natto is the king of superfood and you want to eat it every day, it is nice to have many different recipes.

Today, I will share with you how to make Natto spaghetti. Although I don’t recommend that you eat wheat flour so much, sometimes you want to include flour dishes to add variations. Pasta is one of the most popular European dishes, and it is fun to have it from time to time. By choosing whole wheat flour, it can be an option.

Natto Spaghetti Recipe

The first step is to make stir-fried minced vegetables with Natto.

You mince any vegetables you like; carrots, onions, squashes, broccoli, green peppers, shitake, sweet potatoes, ginger, or anything.


Then you pour oil on a frying pan.


After that, you put the minced vegetables on the frying pan, and stir fry them. You can add some dashi, broth, here if you like.


Next, you put the lid on and turn down the gas to low flame.


When the vegetables are cooked, you open the lid and put Natto on the vegetables.


Then, you mix the Natto with the vegetables and pour soy sauce over them.


Next, you boil whole wheat pasta.


When the pasta is boiled, you put it on a plate.


Add olive oil, and mix it. Olive oil helps to slow down the rising of your blood sugar level when it is taken with carbs.


Then, you put stir-fried minced vegetables with Natto on the pasta.


And mix them together. That’s it.

There are several alternative ways here. You can add cheese if you like. Cheese goes well with Natto since they are both fermented food and sticky. Or you can add mayonnaise.


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