One thing Shizenha and Okinawan Centenarians Have in Common

It was a typical Shizenha day today, a day of Japanese naturalists.


We chopped some firewood in the morning.


Then we went Satoyama Cycling.


We cycled to a temple because an Indian music performance was held there. One of the members of Local Network was performing.


One of the 8 factors of longevity Okinawan centenarians and young naturalists have in common, which I introduced in my book The Ikigai Diet, is Celebrating All the Time with Music and Dance. In Hino Town Shiga Prefecture where many Shizenha people live, we often have music events. This event today was held at a Buddhist temple. Recently Buddhist temples have become open to diverse activities, and more and more we see Yoga workshops and music events like this being held at temples.

Unlike Okinawan elderlies, senior citizens in the main islands of Japan don’t always celebrate with music and dance, but young naturalists do.  They enjoy art in a relaxed manner, and this stress-free mentality is one of the keys to wellness.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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