A Meeting with the Board of Education on Organic School Lunch

As the Local Network Hino, we had a meeting with the board of education in our town today. We talked about the possibility of organic school lunch.

It seems quite difficult to change our school lunch to organic immediately. We need to go through a lot of steps first. Certain ingredients are decided by the prefecture, and we need to discuss it with the prefecture, others are decided by the national government. There are things we can change locally in our town and yet, there are problems with the cost, and relationships with local farmers and stores, too.

We knew it was difficult to start using organic rice and vegetables right away, so we are thinking of getting them to stop using milk and start using domestic wheat for the bread and noodles first.

It was just the first meeting. We will continue having meetings with different sectors in our town.

One great thing today was that we could give the people in the board of education a lot of information about milk, and other things. They knew very little about the ingredients, organic farming, vegetarianism, and many other things in our dietary culture. It looks like education is the first step, and we will organize some workshops.


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