A Zoom Meeting on Organic School Lunch

Cosmos flowers are very beautiful around my house at the moment.

We had an organic school lunch meeting using zoom on Sunday. Members of the Local Network, organic farmers, a member of the local parliament, and some parents got together and discussed the possibility of organic school lunch in our town.

First, I reported to the members what we talked about with the board of education. Then we discussed what we could do next based on the responses of the board of education.

The cost is one issue if we are to change the ingredients to organic, so we searched ways to cut down the cost of ingredients. We don’t need wheat products such as bread and noodles, and if we take the wheat out of the list, we will be able to save some money. We don’t need milk either, but it is difficult to convince the board of education about milk since they believe milk to be a very important source of calcium. We need to think of ways to convince the board.

Anyway, we will keep trying.

A Meeting with the Board of Education on Organic School Lunch


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