Christmas Pudding vs. Stollen

This year, I made both Christmas pudding and Stollen for Christmas.

I made Christmas pudding on November 11th, which was about a month and a half ago,

and it became like this, looking better than the one last year, which had been made only three weeks before Christmas.

As you can see, it was much lighter last year.

Making Christmas Pudding for the First Time

Christmas pudding 2020

Christmas pudding 2019

It tasted more delicious, too.

This year, I made Stollen, too, but everybody liked Christmas pudding better. Maybe I didn’t make it right, but Stollen is bread after all, while Christmas pudding is cake.


It is nice to have both anyway. It lasts longer and we get to enjoy Christmas sweets longer this year.


It is hygge to have them by the wood-burning stove.


Merry Christmas!


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