The Great Conjunction Dinner

After the forest walk, I uploaded this blog post for yesterday and did some cooking. First, I made stollen for Christmas. I have already made Christmas pudding, which I made a month and a half ago, so we have German and English Christmas cakes this year.


Then, I went outside to look at the sunset.

With still feeling the energy of the sun, I began preparing the Great Conjunction dinner.


I stewed squashes. We still have the energy of the solstice and it is good to eat squashes.


Next, I steamed vegetables with beans. Both carrots and broccoli are superfoods.


Pickled radish and pickled carrots.


Jerusalem artichokes and spring onions in sesame oil and sea salt. They are both raw.


And natto, of course.


Pickled Hinona grown at my son’s school garden. They made it in their home economics class.


And of course, we have the dishes with fermented brown rice and miso soup. What a healthy Ikigai Diet meal! We have fermented foods, stewed food, steamed food, and raw food, with plenty of veggies and beans.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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