Hatsumode, the First Visit to a Shinto Shrine in the New Year

We did Hatsumode on the 4th this year. Well, I attended the new year ceremony at our local shrine on the 1st, of course, but this is more like a community chore for me, one person from each household in the neighborhood has to attend it. On top of praying at the local shrine, we usually go to the town’s main shrine as a family visit, and it was done later this year. This is because I wanted to spend the new year differently this year since it is the age of air and I wanted to relax, not being bothered by rituals and ceremonies so much. Instead, I had my own way of welcoming the new year. I will talk about it in the next post.

On the 4th, which is the day I started working, we did Hatsumode. Since I lead the Ikigai Diet Life, conducting a spiritual ceremony is a routine and I wanted to do it during my work hours. This is not the local shrine in our neighborhood, but it is the biggest shrine in Hino Town, and we usually go there for Hatsumode.

The locals offer Sake to the shrine. I did one to our local shrine when we had the new year’s ceremony.

It is the year of ox this year.

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