Sanpo-Yoshi Wishes on the First New Moon in the Age of Air

I talked about the age of air in the last post, and today it is the first new moon since we entered the air age.

It is usually good to make a wish on the day of the new moon, and it is more so since we are in the age of air. That is another characteristic of the air age; we are more in tune with our subconscious mind to deliver our wishes.

The point of making wishes in the air age is that your wishes are Sanpo-Yoshi: They are friendly to you, friendly to people around you, and friendly to society in general.

If you want to know more about Sanpo-Yoshi, watch this video.

The concept of success is changing, and the change accelerates once we are in the age of air. What you wish today will materialize in 2 or 3 years’ time, depending on your wishes of course, but if you are thinking of big goals, they tend to be long term.  You want to imagine what 2023 or 2024 will look like when you make wishes. It will definitely be more Sanpo-Yoshi. If you wish to be a successful business person earning 100,000 dollars a year, you may become very busy and not have time for your family when your wish comes true.

To align with the age of air, we need to forget about old fashioned success philosophy, which was born in the age of earth, and start practicing philosophies like Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, a success philosophy based on Sanpo-Yoshi.

To find out about Zen and a Way of  Sustainable Prosperity, read the free preview of the book below.

You don’t need to rush to make wishes in time for the new moon. You will have plenty of other opportunities to make wishes. You can make wishes every day and it will manifest more easily than before in the age of air. What is more important is to make an appropriate wish. Appropriate to you.


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