I Set up the Facebook Page today since it was a Day of Fortune in Japan

January 16th is a special day in Japan. It is Ichiryuumanbaibi and Tenshabi. Ichiryuumanbaibi is a day when whatever we do will come back 10000 times bigger. If we plant one seed, it will be 10000 seeds. It is a fortunate day and it is good to start something; start a new venture or new learning, and if you start it on this day it is said to succeed. Tenshabi is another lucky day. It is a day when all gods are in heaven and whatever you do you’ll be forgiven and it is a good day to make a wish. Since it is both Ichiryuumanbaibi and Tenshabi, it is a very powerful day.

I set up the Ikigai Diet page on Facebook, and I also opened a Youtube channel for the Ikigai Diet.

The Ikigai Diet | Facebook

The Youtube channel is not completely ready, so I will let you know about it tomorrow.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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