The Second Full Moon in the Age of Air

It was the full moon yesterday, and I went Nordic walking as usual. It was the second full moon since we entered the Age of Air.

What is the Age of Air? Watch this.


In the Age of Air, I feel living with celestial rhythm, which I talked about in Chapter 16 “Satoyama Living”, has become more crucial than in the Age of Earth, and being aware of lunar activities helps us stay integrated.


By the way, I took this photo by iPhone, and I am using my right arm. I used to use a regular digital camera and used the left arm to take a selfie. I got this iPhone recently and I am still not used to taking pictures with it. It was my first time taking a selfie and it was very difficult to hold the phone and press the shutter.

I usually do Kamion Kansha on the full moon, and I did it yesterday during my Nordic walk.


Anyway, using a lunar calendar, we can pay attention to natural rhythm a lot more. The Chinese new year is coming soon on February 12th, and that is also based on the lunar calendar. Before that, we have Rishun, on February 3rd. Rishun means the beginning of spring, and it is the day plants are waking up in the natural kingdom.


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