We Had a Meeting about an Organic Market

Yesterday, some of us from the Local Network Hino had a meeting about an organic market. There is a cafe in the central area of Hino town, and we might be able to use the parking lot of the cafe on Sunday mornings.

Last year, we set a goal to transform our town to be organic by 2030, and one of the action plans was to organize a monthly organic market. However, due to the pandemic, we weren’t able to do it.

This cafe is a good venue because it is small. We can have an open-air small-scale market with 4 or 5 stands.  The location is perfect, too. It is in the central area of our town and the most urban area. A lot of young parents live in this area unlike farming communities in the surrounding areas. Many of their children go to Hino elementary school, the biggest elementary school in Hino. If we want to introduce organic school lunch, we need to reach many other parents, and a weekly organic market is a perfect way to introduce them to organic culture.

I can make a monthly free paper which is tied with the Local Zoom Cafe, and give it to the visitors.


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