Natto Gapao Rice

Gapao rice is becoming popular in Japan. It is a spicy rice dish from Thailand, but apparently, they don’t call it Gapao rice in Thailand, it is a Japanese name even though gapao is Thai, it means holy basil. It is stir-fried minced meat with holy basil on rice.  You also have a fried egg with it.

So, I made Gapao rice with Natto today. I used Natto instead of minced meat.

It was pretty good.

The reason why I suddenly made Gapao rice is that Gapao powder was sold at a supermarket, and also I saw a book on Southeast Asian dishes yesterday at a book store. I would like to invent some more Natto dishes and I have a feeling that Natto goes well with Southeast Asian dishes.

The next time, I want to try making Pad Thai noodles with Natto.